How to Boost Your Business With Price Per Head Software

Still taking bets on your smartphone and having to look up the odds for every wager?

In this guide, we’re going to discuss how to boost your business with price per head software. It’s time to bring your bookmaking business into the 21st century to compete.

When you use a price per head sportsbook solution like ours, we make it easy to grow. We provide the expertise, manpower, bookmaker tools and price per head software.

The time you save by using a price per head alone will give your business a boost, as that time can now be spent marketing, retaining active players and building your online sportsbook brand.

Grow Your Sportsbook With a Price Per Head

Utilize the following methods to grow your business using our price per head sportsbook:

  • Bet Anytime, Anywhere: Your players can wager on thousands of betting markets 24/7 using a computer, smartphone or tablet, as your website is mobile optimized. In the event one of your player’s loses the internet, we also accept bets through our call center.

When your player calls into the call center, they supply their account number first. That ensures the wagers are correctly tracked to the player’s account and shown in the bookie reports.

All of our reps are English-speaking and act professionally when dealing with your clients.

  • More Wagering Options: Our linemakers have decades of combined experience and they’ll maintain the betting odds on all of the markets. Your clients will be able to bet on more sports leagues than ever before with a huge variety of international sports coverage.

When you use our price per head software, there’s also a racebook and online casino.

We highly recommend promoting both of these to your players. Make sure they understand all of the ways they can bet. Often players won’t even know what they can bet on.

Your price per head sportsbook will have virtual casino games that use random number generators (RNG) and live dealer casino games that use real people. Live dealer casino games are going to be one of the best methods you have at your disposal for boosting player revenues.

  • Business Analytics: Our clients gain access to lots of detailed business reports. Explore how much your hold percentage is, track exposure (open bets), view settled/graded bets and analyze where you stand with each player (profit/loss figures / amounts owed).

Spending time studying the reports we provide is a great way to boost a price per head sportsbook.

For one, you can analyze where you’re losing money. Our reports are extremely detailed and you’ll be able to filter the reports to display data from a specified date range or a single player.

As you fine tune betting profiles, line profiles and address segments where you’re losing money, the overall hold percentage will increase and you’ll make more money from the same action.

These are just three of the methods to boost your business with price per head software.

We’re always here to help out if you need anything.

In the meantime, get signed up today to take advantage of our four-week free trial!

This Is Why You Should Be Using a Price Per Head Software

Today, more than ever, bookies need to partner with a price per head (PPH).

We make it possible to run a price per head sportsbook as a one-man show. Your business will be online (accessible on mobile devices) and you can create accounts for each of your players.

Our price per head software is simple to use and packed with features.

Three Reasons to Use Us to Run Your Price Per Head Sportsbook

Here are some of the major reasons you should be using a price per head software:

Time Management – Focus on Building Your Business

Time is more valuable than anything and there’s never enough of it. Unless you have a large team, which would be costly, you can’t possibly handle everything a bookie needs to do on your own.

What do we offer?

  • Software: Our IT team, including UI/UX designers, built the platform from the ground up.
  • Website: No website development experience? No problem, we’ll build you a custom site.
  • Odds Management: We ensure all betting lines are sharp and updated in real-time.
  • Customer Service: Our call center team works 24/7 to provide bookie/player support.
  • Reports: Every single bet and balance is tracked in real-time through our custom reports.

That’s just the start of what our price per head can provide you with.

You should be focusing on the most important part of your business and that’s finding players to gamble. You can have the best price per head sportsbook in the world, but with no clients, you’re not going to make any money and that’s likely the reason you’re here, right?

Make More Money – Increased Gambling Options

You might be able to run an NFL betting card without software, but even that’s not efficient.

When you use our price per head software, you’ll have a price per head sportsbook with a complete betting board. We offer markets on all major US Sports (NFL, CFB, NBA, CBB, MLB, NHL, NASCAR, MMA/UFC, MLS, etc.). We also cover dozens of international leagues (EPL, La Liga, Serie A, etc.).

The bet types we offer are extensive as well. Your clients will be able to wager on straight bets for all leagues, but we also have parlays, teasers, futures, props and live betting (in-play), among others.

That’s just the price per head sportsbook. Our price per head software also includes a racebook to bet on horse racing and an online casino. The casino features virtual and live dealer games.

Security/Privacy – Stay Anonymous and Protect Your Players

All you need is an email to sign-up to our price per head. We even accept cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin) to pay your weekly price per head fee, so you’re able to remain completely anonymous.

Our price per head software also protects your players. When you open an account for a player, all you need to provide is an alias and password. You just have to work out payments with your clients.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t be using a price per head software.

Sign-up today and start a price per head sportsbook using our dynamic and scalable software with our industry best four-week free trial that doesn’t restrict you in any way.

What Is Price Per Head?

What’s the #1 question we’re asked?

The number one question we’re asked is what is a price per head (PPH)? All aspiring bookmakers learn about price per head services, as it’s the most economical way to launch a sportsbook.

A price per head service allows anyone to operate an online gambling website.

In simple terms, a PPH shop handles the technical side of the business. Bookies will gain access to the service’s price per head software and a team of experts to help support their business.

This allows bookies to focus on growing their business by recruiting new players.

What Does Our Price Per Head Service Include?

Our base package includes everything bookmakers need to run a successful operation.

Here are the main features of our price per head service:

  • Sharp Lines: We have a team of experts that work 24/7 to keep your betting lines sharp and that in turn will ensure you have the best hold percentage possible.
  • Huge Betting Board: Your players will be able to bet on thousands of daily betting markets covering sports around the world. Apart from the major US sports leagues (NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL), there will be betting lines for soccer, tennis, golf and MMA, among other sports.
  • Betting Website/Software: Utilize our price per head software to take your business online, which will allow you to compete with online bookies. We offer professionally designed sites for our clients that’ll give you the edge over the competition.
  • Racebook (Horse Racing): Increase turnover and revenues with an online racebook. Your players will be able to bet on thousands of horse races from around the world annually.
  • Casino (Virtual/Live): We provide our clients with a virtual casino and live dealer casino, allowing you to compete with the biggest online casinos. Even when sports are slow, bookmakers can turbo charge their revenues by increasing action in the casino.
  • Call Center: Our pay per head service is one of the few with a 24/7 call center. Your players can use the call center to receive support/help or to place bets. All call center bets are tracked to the player’s account, so you’ll be able to see these wagers in your reports.
  • Automation: We allow bookies to automate numerous processes. All wagers are tracked in real-time and our reps grade bets 24/7 as the markets conclude. You can track all of the betting data through our reporting features that are more expansive than competitors.

Why You Should Use Price Per Head Software

With automated tracking, grading and settling of wagers, you can spend your valuable time working on growing your betting sheet and making sure your current players are taken care of.

Giving your players more betting options is always beneficial. With our price per head software, all of your players will be able to bet in the sportsbook, racebook and casino.

You only pay one small weekly fee per active player, but that’s it. You don’t pay any other fees or commissions (revenue share). All of the profits you earn are yours to keep.

Price Per Head Service With a Free Trial

When you join a price per head service, there’s often a free trial promotional period available.

The length of the free trial varies. We offer a full four weeks at absolutely no cost. Another thing to watch out for are free trials that are limited/restricted and don’t offer a complete experience.

Our free trial is 100% risk-free and includes every single feature in our base package.

We don’t believe in limiting the features you have access to during the free trial. What’s the point of signing up for a free trial when you can’t even access some of the most important features?

Benefits of Price Per Head Sportsbook Free Trials

Here are the benefits of claiming our price per head service free trial:

  • Learn the Software: It can take new bookies a week or two to become comfortable using our price per head sportsbook solution. By taking advantage of our full free trial promotion, you will be able to learn the ins and outs of operating a bookmaking business.

Our expert price per head sportsbook reps are also available during your free trial.

Initially, one of our reps will walk you through the process of getting things set-up. At any point you need help with anything, you can contact a rep 24/7 to receive assistance.

  • Build Up Your Bankroll: Our free trial is longer than most competitors. We want you to have the opportunity to pocket some cash in your first month to build your bankroll. Owning a price per head sportsbook is profitable and we want you to see that potential immediately.

Our goal as a price per head service is to grow with bookies. We’re interested in forming long-term relationships with our clients and that’s why we’ve settled on offering a four-week trial period.

This gives you plenty of time to really learn the business and start earning revenues.

  • Full Access: We include full access with our free trial. You can sign-up players, access all of the automated reports, set limits, create betting profiles and more. Your players will also be able to place wagers in a full-fledged sportsbook, racebook and online casino.

We don’t charge any fees during the free trial and we never charge commissions. All of the money you make off of your players is yours to keep. In fact, we don’t even handle the cash.

Our price per head service handles everything except the cashier and marketing.

Signing Up for Our Price Per Head Service Free Trial

Every new registrant is eligible for our four-week free trial promotion.

As long as you haven’t claimed the offer in the past, you’re good to go. Sign-up for an account and the free trial period will automatically be applied. After confirming your registration, we’ll provide access to the price per head sportsbook backend, so you can get everything set-up.

When you want to add a new player account, simply contact one of our reps.

Anyone can try owning a price per head sportsbook with our service risk-free. This promotion has no strings attached and you can cancel at the end of the trial period if you’re not happy.

We’re positive we’ll earn your business, which is why we don’t mind offering such a long free trial.