This Is Why You Should Be Using a Price Per Head Software

Today, more than ever, bookies need to partner with a price per head (PPH).

We make it possible to run a price per head sportsbook as a one-man show. Your business will be online (accessible on mobile devices) and you can create accounts for each of your players.

Our price per head software is simple to use and packed with features.

Three Reasons to Use Us to Run Your Price Per Head Sportsbook

Here are some of the major reasons you should be using a price per head software:

Time Management – Focus on Building Your Business

Time is more valuable than anything and there’s never enough of it. Unless you have a large team, which would be costly, you can’t possibly handle everything a bookie needs to do on your own.

What do we offer?

  • Software: Our IT team, including UI/UX designers, built the platform from the ground up.
  • Website: No website development experience? No problem, we’ll build you a custom site.
  • Odds Management: We ensure all betting lines are sharp and updated in real-time.
  • Customer Service: Our call center team works 24/7 to provide bookie/player support.
  • Reports: Every single bet and balance is tracked in real-time through our custom reports.

That’s just the start of what our price per head can provide you with.

You should be focusing on the most important part of your business and that’s finding players to gamble. You can have the best price per head sportsbook in the world, but with no clients, you’re not going to make any money and that’s likely the reason you’re here, right?

Make More Money – Increased Gambling Options

You might be able to run an NFL betting card without software, but even that’s not efficient.

When you use our price per head software, you’ll have a price per head sportsbook with a complete betting board. We offer markets on all major US Sports (NFL, CFB, NBA, CBB, MLB, NHL, NASCAR, MMA/UFC, MLS, etc.). We also cover dozens of international leagues (EPL, La Liga, Serie A, etc.).

The bet types we offer are extensive as well. Your clients will be able to wager on straight bets for all leagues, but we also have parlays, teasers, futures, props and live betting (in-play), among others.

That’s just the price per head sportsbook. Our price per head software also includes a racebook to bet on horse racing and an online casino. The casino features virtual and live dealer games.

Security/Privacy – Stay Anonymous and Protect Your Players

All you need is an email to sign-up to our price per head. We even accept cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin) to pay your weekly price per head fee, so you’re able to remain completely anonymous.

Our price per head software also protects your players. When you open an account for a player, all you need to provide is an alias and password. You just have to work out payments with your clients.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t be using a price per head software.

Sign-up today and start a price per head sportsbook using our dynamic and scalable software with our industry best four-week free trial that doesn’t restrict you in any way.