What Is Price Per Head?

What’s the #1 question we’re asked?

The number one question we’re asked is what is a price per head (PPH)? All aspiring bookmakers learn about price per head services, as it’s the most economical way to launch a sportsbook.

A price per head service allows anyone to operate an online gambling website.

In simple terms, a PPH shop handles the technical side of the business. Bookies will gain access to the service’s price per head software and a team of experts to help support their business.

This allows bookies to focus on growing their business by recruiting new players.

What Does Our Price Per Head Service Include?

Our base package includes everything bookmakers need to run a successful operation.

Here are the main features of our price per head service:

  • Sharp Lines: We have a team of experts that work 24/7 to keep your betting lines sharp and that in turn will ensure you have the best hold percentage possible.
  • Huge Betting Board: Your players will be able to bet on thousands of daily betting markets covering sports around the world. Apart from the major US sports leagues (NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL), there will be betting lines for soccer, tennis, golf and MMA, among other sports.
  • Betting Website/Software: Utilize our price per head software to take your business online, which will allow you to compete with online bookies. We offer professionally designed sites for our clients that’ll give you the edge over the competition.
  • Racebook (Horse Racing): Increase turnover and revenues with an online racebook. Your players will be able to bet on thousands of horse races from around the world annually.
  • Casino (Virtual/Live): We provide our clients with a virtual casino and live dealer casino, allowing you to compete with the biggest online casinos. Even when sports are slow, bookmakers can turbo charge their revenues by increasing action in the casino.
  • Call Center: Our pay per head service is one of the few with a 24/7 call center. Your players can use the call center to receive support/help or to place bets. All call center bets are tracked to the player’s account, so you’ll be able to see these wagers in your reports.
  • Automation: We allow bookies to automate numerous processes. All wagers are tracked in real-time and our reps grade bets 24/7 as the markets conclude. You can track all of the betting data through our reporting features that are more expansive than competitors.

Why You Should Use Price Per Head Software

With automated tracking, grading and settling of wagers, you can spend your valuable time working on growing your betting sheet and making sure your current players are taken care of.

Giving your players more betting options is always beneficial. With our price per head software, all of your players will be able to bet in the sportsbook, racebook and casino.

You only pay one small weekly fee per active player, but that’s it. You don’t pay any other fees or commissions (revenue share). All of the profits you earn are yours to keep.